Monday, November 23, 2009

The Lords Day-a 4 year old-Two dogs=FUN

Pine Island was a place of blessings this weekend. We had a good old fashioned gospel group concert on Saturday night,Sunday school in the morning and aThanksgiving sermn at 11:00. Bryce,Suria,Charlie, and Kadence left St. Pete at 2:00 as Burton and I drove north on I75 to meet up with them. Traffic problems had them moved over to Hwy41 south and eventually we joined this precious family for a LONG wonderful "lunch" at Outback Steak House. Several guests stopped by our table to compliment our "babies" and our server was the best. Thanks Danielle, we had a blooming onion free for your birthday :). Kadence slept all the way home while I caught up on Wawatam Beach association work on my computer and Burton drove. The "kids" (Lilly and Hank) went nuts when theysaw their favorite little person emerge from the car and a long night of fun ensued. I think I passed out around 10:00PM but this morning I found Burton sleeping alone in the studio/guest room and Kadence in our master room with Hank and Lilly on either side of her. I am anxious for her to rise so we can go to the "alligator lake and the pool. I really live a charmed and blessed life


Susu said...

Sounds like fun!

Chris Ann said...

You were there was it? Off to the pool now,she has been riding her scooter with Aden and has a date to meet him at the pool next.