Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 Pine Island Cove, St. James City,FL

The weather was perfect Bryce and burton enjoyed sports and National Geographic specials,I took food plates and treats to our widows here in the park and the BEST part was being able to Skype the grandchildren in MI,and WA. Little willow can understand why Grandma Chris Ann dosen't appear on the TV now when she turns it on :). I love technology and would give up almost any moderen convenience over my 4G data stick.  Just wish that I could Skype heaven right now..

Thursday, December 24, 2009


OK so I have never been very good about this whole written correspondence thing. I write many cards and letters in my minde while I go about doing the "wifely" things that need doing. Maybe it is the spelling problem,the dexliea,theADD/ADHD,or the fact that I must be a terriable friend. I have had a stack of Christmas cards that I carry from one room to another getting "set up" to write a note to each and every one of you. This year I have beautiful glittery "photo" cards that need a photo inserted. excuses, excuses,I don't think any of you need to see the wrinkels that Burton and I have added over the years and I do not have a complete photp of the Nelson tribe. My ink is gone from the printer so that lets out a combo shot.... I will get cards out. I think we all need to comunicate at least this one time of the year. I LOVE getting those newsy letters and picture cards. The words that say another year has passed ayet the Lord terries. I love my family and friends and former studentsand neighbors and I am so sorry that I have not expressed that enough these past years. You can finde me on Facebook and Twitter and 2 other blogs. I guess this is just a faster connection with those that I love. I will, I will,I will....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My MOM -way to smart for her gender or the times :)

As I stand in my kitchen makeing dog treats and saving the remaines for my stuffing, on Christmas eve,I once again turn to my memories. My mom had a Tom Sawyer way of convincing people that they were the BEST at doing whatever she did not want to do :). In my earliest years I would sit at the kitcen table (in the dark morning) on turkey day tearing up white Wonder Bread for our stuffing. "Oh yes Chrissyann,that is just the perfect size",or " make them all look like this (sample in the middle of the round oak table) so everyone will know tat YOU made the stuffing :)". It is no wonder our oldest daughter is a world renown child develement specialist! She got it honestly then there is our next daughter, a superior writer,she also aquired the Grandma Shirley genes.  Our oldest son has all the sales pazazz,of both my mom and dad.  We have 4 children and the youngest got the best of Burton and his family genes but he dose posses the" true born gift "of the left barined artist again my mom!It is hard to believe a woman could have so many talents each very different but Shirley Anne Heering Campbell was a woman way before her times and I am thankful that we have passed those genes on to her decendents.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009