Friday, November 27, 2009


We had a great Thanksgiving with the middle Nelsons here in Sunny Southwest Florida. It was the most relaxed Thanksgiving I remember. With age ,I have (am) learned that it is not worth it to sweat the small stuff. Making the turkey,gravy,stuffing and soup the day ahead really helped free me to enjoy the kids.My phone is "lost" again so if you called I don't know it yet. I hope that you were able to refleck on all that we are thankful for even the trials.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Kadence was very glad to see her family and I was very glad that I had cooked all day while it rained for 15 hours. We had turkey sandwiches and chex mix,smoked oysters,cheese and crackers, for our evening snack. Today should be low key prep. and all about family fun,games,memories. Hopping that each of you far away family are enjoying your Thanksgiving too. See most Nelsons next week at the Somkey Mountian Christmas in Gatlinburg.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Circus Tuesday

Kadence was so excited about going to the Big Top Circus today that she woke at 4:00AM to enjoy some one on one with gradma. Of course that also includes the dogs Lilly and Hank'. She got out the wonderful building block set made by bonus son "Blue River Mills", Kevin. She gabbered about all the animaks that she may see. Fortunatlly she fell back asleep from 6:00 AM-11:00 AM. We rushed off to the Cape to bu our special VIP reserved tickets where my right foot was swarmed by red ants. A lesson learned for later that day when we returned :). Grandpa stayed home with the "kids" while three girlfriends and two children went back to the Cape for the "best show" ever. Kadence and her friend Michael were able to ride on the back of a Camel around the center ring while hundreds of fans pointed and commented on the brave and beautiful red-hear. Must be hard to always be refered to as the red-head(?) and to be anyone in her "shadow" :). I am posting granny pictures I must get a new camera for christmas!!

It's a dogs day-MONDAY-add a 4 yearold =FUN

We started the day with Kadence staying in bed until almost 9:00 AM BUT when she woke she hit the floor running.The first words we usually here are Lilly come. She always wakes happy,happy she is my grandaughter-a morning person! But, then she is happy allday long and seems to get a new batch of steam in the evening and she really really hates to give the day up and go to bed,she must be BaBas child. Swimming,scooter to the lake and pool,esting well and healthy choices,more scooter, more swimming all intermised with MANY dog walks and dog training sessions (thanks Miss Jeannie). the last swim ended with her own Pinn Island parade as gramdma chris Ann drove through ever street in our subdivision with the sun roof open and a 4 ar old red-head giving every person she saw the "Miss America" wave with a LOAD "HI,Hello there,watcha ya doin,...." She is so precious. I wich I could have this one on one time with each of our 9 grandkids!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Lords Day-a 4 year old-Two dogs=FUN

Pine Island was a place of blessings this weekend. We had a good old fashioned gospel group concert on Saturday night,Sunday school in the morning and aThanksgiving sermn at 11:00. Bryce,Suria,Charlie, and Kadence left St. Pete at 2:00 as Burton and I drove north on I75 to meet up with them. Traffic problems had them moved over to Hwy41 south and eventually we joined this precious family for a LONG wonderful "lunch" at Outback Steak House. Several guests stopped by our table to compliment our "babies" and our server was the best. Thanks Danielle, we had a blooming onion free for your birthday :). Kadence slept all the way home while I caught up on Wawatam Beach association work on my computer and Burton drove. The "kids" (Lilly and Hank) went nuts when theysaw their favorite little person emerge from the car and a long night of fun ensued. I think I passed out around 10:00PM but this morning I found Burton sleeping alone in the studio/guest room and Kadence in our master room with Hank and Lilly on either side of her. I am anxious for her to rise so we can go to the "alligator lake and the pool. I really live a charmed and blessed life

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Morning ride Continued

My mornings

As you all know,I am an early morning person. This does not always settle with our children when they are visiting so I must have my hidaways. In Mackinaw it is our "guest cottage" here in paridise It is the breakfest nook in the sunrise morning and the lani in the sunset evening (if I am even awake). Hank seems to have his place either on me or very near where ever I am Lilly like to sleep in with her dad except for the quick morning potty trip. I know i have posted similar pictures before but here are some shots of my ride for our morning paper.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The "other nest" in doublenesters

We have returned to our paradise island. Pine Island is frost free and zone 11-12. We can grow anything that grows in Hawaii. We live in a tropical paradise and are thank full everyday for it. As members of the teaching profession we have spent Christmas vacation,spring breaks,and many summers in Florida for most of our married life. Summers are hot for Burton but I have always loved our summers here with the ocean breeze to keep us fresh and my dear brother and his family so close in the Florida Keys. We have enjoyed many Augest lobster seasons and have had a great life. Five years ago we saw a life dream come true when we were able to purchase a cottage on Lake Michigan in Mackinaw City Michigan soooo now we are double nesters,coming and going 12 months of the year enjoying all that God has allowed us to have. We have children and grandchildren in both places and many true friends and neighbors. we are also ordinate enough to be members and associate members of the best bible preaching churches. We can both serve in teaching and using the gifts that we have been given. I am also fortunate enough to have a paying job at my favorite parks in the country, Michigan State Historical Parks, in Mackinac Island and Mackinaw City Michigan. God has truly blessed us and I hope to share some of what we have here on Pine Island with my friends and family that tune in. My camera is not the best but at least I can now upload digital pictures and keep posting on a regular basis.