Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Nelson grandchild!

Burton and I were blessed with grandchild number 9 yesterday February 16th. Carol Lynn and Daniel Shaw and 3 year old daughter Amya brought Nelson Muir Shaw home to WA. last night and we are all enjoying him very much. He was born on our first grandchilds 14th birthday and I think that tickeled Taylor Leigh. We have pictures of him and I will post one or two but Carol and Dan have dear friends that are professional so you may want to go to Carols blog at The 5 of us had a great week!
we are so blessed and thankful for all the answered prayers that have gone on for decades. I started praying for our seed, their spouses(bonus childres),and the seed to come from our union in 1970. God is good!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 14th The Day of LOVE

This is a very special day even though many say it is "just a Hallmark day". Its roots are strong and deep in the Celtic culture. My daddy always left a red rose on my bed or school books and that was enough.  One year in college I recieved 4 dozen red roses each from a different "fella".  Our children enjoyed making sure everyone got a special valintine especially "the unpopular".  My soon to be husband, gave me a $5.00 card in 1979.  That was a lot of money even for a college professor,I get it out every year and place it on or bedstand. My mom passed on to glory on this day 14 years ago.  We have traveled the country to be in Hood River,OR/White Salmon, WA so we could welcome our ninth grandchild into this beautiful world. I think today will be the day...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 9th

It was 1978 and Mid michigan was hit with what they called the storm or the centuery. I went to bed with back labor paines and woke to 8 foot drifts in our driveway and calls from nieghbors assuring me they could get me out by snowmobile if I needed to go to the hospital. We were finally ploughed out by the time baby John Michale Nelson arrived on February nineth. Fast forward to February 9th 2001 and the sean was a spring like day in Heartland Mi. where baby John was about to say I do to his love. The day turned to rain, then wild rian,ice,snow,wild winds,blizzard conditions. The bride and groom got out on their honeymoon but some of the guests had a hard time getting home. Fast forward to 2007,Beautiful sunny day in St. Petersburg Fl where Amya Beatrice Shaw decided to join the Nelson clan. February 9th is a big day in our family!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Arts and Craft Show in Pine Island Cove a great success

South West Florida is abundant with talent.Many of our best artists hail from Michigan and are able to practice the arts in both of these imspiring states. Being professional geographers,Burton and I have had the privilage of traveling all 50 states and I must say they each are so unique it is hard to pick favorites. But, at the top of my list are Michigan and Florida. Many many of our most famous people from the last 3 centuries have been active in both of my home states. Now with that said we are off to the West coast to enjoy family,friends,and inspiration :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Playing in Pine Island Cove

It was a cool start to the day but by 1:00 PM the pool/hot tub were open and I was on my bike spreading the word. After a very long morning of turning out "funky fish" for our up coming craft shoI was ready to play. Only our Canadian neighbors were brave enough to come out in the chilly winds to enjoy the swimming but many of them did come, and we enjoyed hours and hours of fun times in the warm water and lovley sunshine. I had to call Burton for a ride home though because I was too wet to ride the bike :). He and Carol Lynn were on the phone so my calls never wnet through. The ride was very chilly but at least after 1/2 hour of laying in the sun calling hubby I was fry :). The couple in the hot tub are dear friends from Ontario. She, Eleanor, is also our "winter" choir director at church,and does a wonderful job of it,Aye?