Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 9th

It was 1978 and Mid michigan was hit with what they called the storm or the centuery. I went to bed with back labor paines and woke to 8 foot drifts in our driveway and calls from nieghbors assuring me they could get me out by snowmobile if I needed to go to the hospital. We were finally ploughed out by the time baby John Michale Nelson arrived on February nineth. Fast forward to February 9th 2001 and the sean was a spring like day in Heartland Mi. where baby John was about to say I do to his love. The day turned to rain, then wild rian,ice,snow,wild winds,blizzard conditions. The bride and groom got out on their honeymoon but some of the guests had a hard time getting home. Fast forward to 2007,Beautiful sunny day in St. Petersburg Fl where Amya Beatrice Shaw decided to join the Nelson clan. February 9th is a big day in our family!

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Sonya and Pete said...

OMGosh! What great pics! So nice to see you all together!!! I am counting on your fb unpdates and pics when Carol is ready!