Thursday, February 4, 2010

Playing in Pine Island Cove

It was a cool start to the day but by 1:00 PM the pool/hot tub were open and I was on my bike spreading the word. After a very long morning of turning out "funky fish" for our up coming craft shoI was ready to play. Only our Canadian neighbors were brave enough to come out in the chilly winds to enjoy the swimming but many of them did come, and we enjoyed hours and hours of fun times in the warm water and lovley sunshine. I had to call Burton for a ride home though because I was too wet to ride the bike :). He and Carol Lynn were on the phone so my calls never wnet through. The ride was very chilly but at least after 1/2 hour of laying in the sun calling hubby I was fry :). The couple in the hot tub are dear friends from Ontario. She, Eleanor, is also our "winter" choir director at church,and does a wonderful job of it,Aye?

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