Sunday, May 24, 2009

Boating to Mackinac Island

We were able to take the boat out for a wonderful ride to Mackinaw Island and under the bridge and around our beach! Wow are we blessed. Captain Kevin did a great job in the wake of starline ferry and we just took our time yating around the whole Island. Note, The Grand Hotel on this bluff in this picture.

My sweetie and I In Lake Huron 39 years ago we were here on our honeymoon!!

We met up with our group of guests, that we had sent over on the ferry early in the morning, at French Landing where Cheryl did to disembark to go find the outhouse :) We are all having a great week-end. Called DNR to get permission for our bond fire on the beach and sat out until midnight grilling hamburgers,hot dogs,and of course somemores,yummy :)

This is where I work most days and usually my view is of where I am sitting in the boat. This is the mainland Fort and light house in the background. I am going over today to work at in a few hours. First Memorial Day in my life I havent 't been able to attend memorial day services honoring our fallin dead. I will be able to assist our guests though as enter our "Pontiac Uprising Pagent" here at the Fort and that is always a blessing. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Your next Vacation

This could be your next family vacation if you have the talent that we need. the main house has 4 bedrooms 1 1/2 baths and the apartment is discribed below. We have a wedding out east June 11-22 and both are avaliable then. Keep on reading on to the next post.References will be checked. Of course you all know that this is free to our family and friends even without the "work contract".


Many of you have talents and even professions that could be of service to us here at COBBLE BEACH. We have a honey do list that burtons Dr. do not think he should complete. We have been up here 4 years already and if it were not for family we never could have made the move north. The walls have come down, carpets torn up, furniture from 100 + years of Nelson/Campbell members stuffed into every crevis. The "cottage" needs painting, the slider wall door to the beach needs replaced, the floors need somthing??,painting,tile,throw rugs, SOME of the furniture needs a new home,kitchen needs new countertops, dormers off the second floor bedrooms,new roof on the work/studio. We can buy supplies but can not afford the labor and we just are not physically up to doing it ourselves anymore. We have a cute little efficency apartment over our garage the has 2 twin beds, 2 couches,a porta crib.and a blow up double bed with its own bath,sink,stove,small frig. If anyone of our friends and family want a working vacation at the sweetest little spot in Michigan maybe we could work somthing out. I also have ferry tickets that I could throw in for a day over to the Island with Fort Mackinaw passes as well. We have a variety of bikes and kids toys as well. Just a thought. I am tired of living in paridise in a slum tennement :)
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

cold front

Burton and I have just experienced the strangest weather yet here at the tip of the mitt I am thankful that Burt got up with me this morning (5:00)to have breakfest before I start off to the Fort for my last day of work this week. He taught weather at CMU and was fasinated with all that happened. A huge black wide tornado like movement came fast across the UP and the waves in the lake turned around and went from our beach to the bridge, no rain, 20 degree drop, then flat calm, gray, fog. errie feeling, rain now(7:00) water waves back to rough and coming ashore. WOW. We really live in an amazing place.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's a small world

As you know, dad took me to the Grand Hotel for a wonderful Mother's Day Brunch on our Mackinac Island "the jewel of the straits". We locals are honored with many free things on mothersday and one was the Starline ferry ride over and free butterfly house,house of horrrers, and .50 admission to the wonderful Fort Mackinac. The streets were packed the tourests were spending and everyone was having fun,fun,fun since daddy took the T-Bird away. I met Bob the 13 year historian,concier,blogger for the Grand Hotel. Very funny guy,http//, well, Bob sent me a url for a blog about Mackinaw Island yesterday for a Georgia girl that summers on the Island. I read enjoyed the blog diary by Bree and replied asking if I could follow her blog this summer. She shot an e-mail back to me "How did you find me?" We had met on the Island last summer and while I was working at Suttlers store and shared decorating ideas and her excitement of finally becoming an Islander. We enjoyed each other through the summer/fall. Now I will finally have someone to take me up on that cry I sent out everyday last week, Anyone want to go to the island for a morning walk and coffee? Looking forward to seeing you in a week Bree and the dogs must meet.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Grand Hotel Mother's Day :)

We spent last week-end with all of our Michighn kids and grandkids. So, after church Burton took me to the Grand for their buffet lunch It was wonderful and we ate for over 2 hours with chamber music played in the resturant. Service tops room full. Michigan can beat these hard times!

Burton and I went to Mackinac Island for lunch at the Grand Hotel today and it was amazing

Happy Mothers Day Girls

From a healthy 97 year old "Mema" to a young but wise 20 somthing you are all doing a great job at your job M O T E R I N G . The best part is that you are raising the family to love our Lord! We will all be together in eternity.

Nelson-Priest-Shaw MOMS

happy mothersday girls. i can only load 4 at a time so i will attempt to put more pictures of you up but it may not work,so if you are not on as often as the "others" you know who We love best..

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