Thursday, May 14, 2009

cold front

Burton and I have just experienced the strangest weather yet here at the tip of the mitt I am thankful that Burt got up with me this morning (5:00)to have breakfest before I start off to the Fort for my last day of work this week. He taught weather at CMU and was fasinated with all that happened. A huge black wide tornado like movement came fast across the UP and the waves in the lake turned around and went from our beach to the bridge, no rain, 20 degree drop, then flat calm, gray, fog. errie feeling, rain now(7:00) water waves back to rough and coming ashore. WOW. We really live in an amazing place.


The Nelson Family said...

It looks like the water is on fire.

Carol and Dan said...

That is crazy cool!........c.

Chris Ann said...

the whole day ended up wierd. warm sunny with few clouds, dark, wind no wind, but in the end dad and I enjoyed a walk downtown,pizz out (1/2 price Thursday), and a beautiful calm,cloud free, pick/red sunset. Today dad again was up to view the fireball sun riaing out of the lake between round island and Mackinac island. We also watched it on the web cams on the Mackinac island blog.I have the next 5 days off. Dad has the front closet empty and we are redoing it and putting up the "wall of towels" in the entry.