Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's a small world

As you know, dad took me to the Grand Hotel for a wonderful Mother's Day Brunch on our Mackinac Island "the jewel of the straits". We locals are honored with many free things on mothersday and one was the Starline ferry ride over and free butterfly house,house of horrrers, and .50 admission to the wonderful Fort Mackinac. The streets were packed the tourests were spending and everyone was having fun,fun,fun since daddy took the T-Bird away. I met Bob the 13 year historian,concier,blogger for the Grand Hotel. Very funny guy,http//grandhotel.us/home/, well, Bob sent me a url for a blog about Mackinaw Island yesterday for a Georgia girl that summers on the Island. I read enjoyed the blog diary by Bree and replied asking if I could follow her blog this summer. She shot an e-mail back to me "How did you find me?" We had met on the Island last summer and while I was working at Suttlers store and shared decorating ideas and her excitement of finally becoming an Islander. We enjoyed each other through the summer/fall. Now I will finally have someone to take me up on that cry I sent out everyday last week, Anyone want to go to the island for a morning walk and coffee? Looking forward to seeing you in a week Bree and the dogs must meet.


brendasumnerhorton said...

Hey, my friend! We have about settled in and are expecting our first visitors at the end of the week. Do you still have company? I was at the fort store for the first time today and missed your smiling face. Hope to see you soon for that lunch date.

Chris Ann said...

Hi Bree, no our company left Monday night but I have been doing laundry,cleaning,working Colonial Michiliamackinac,runing the beach with our "kids", spoiling my husband and getting ready to go out east for a family wedding/cruise. My computer had a slight crash but is up and running so...I will catch up on your blog tonight. Lunch soon :)