Sunday, May 17, 2009


Many of you have talents and even professions that could be of service to us here at COBBLE BEACH. We have a honey do list that burtons Dr. do not think he should complete. We have been up here 4 years already and if it were not for family we never could have made the move north. The walls have come down, carpets torn up, furniture from 100 + years of Nelson/Campbell members stuffed into every crevis. The "cottage" needs painting, the slider wall door to the beach needs replaced, the floors need somthing??,painting,tile,throw rugs, SOME of the furniture needs a new home,kitchen needs new countertops, dormers off the second floor bedrooms,new roof on the work/studio. We can buy supplies but can not afford the labor and we just are not physically up to doing it ourselves anymore. We have a cute little efficency apartment over our garage the has 2 twin beds, 2 couches,a porta crib.and a blow up double bed with its own bath,sink,stove,small frig. If anyone of our friends and family want a working vacation at the sweetest little spot in Michigan maybe we could work somthing out. I also have ferry tickets that I could throw in for a day over to the Island with Fort Mackinaw passes as well. We have a variety of bikes and kids toys as well. Just a thought. I am tired of living in paridise in a slum tennement :)

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