Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Circus Tuesday

Kadence was so excited about going to the Big Top Circus today that she woke at 4:00AM to enjoy some one on one with gradma. Of course that also includes the dogs Lilly and Hank'. She got out the wonderful building block set made by bonus son "Blue River Mills", Kevin. She gabbered about all the animaks that she may see. Fortunatlly she fell back asleep from 6:00 AM-11:00 AM. We rushed off to the Cape to bu our special VIP reserved tickets where my right foot was swarmed by red ants. A lesson learned for later that day when we returned :). Grandpa stayed home with the "kids" while three girlfriends and two children went back to the Cape for the "best show" ever. Kadence and her friend Michael were able to ride on the back of a Camel around the center ring while hundreds of fans pointed and commented on the brave and beautiful red-hear. Must be hard to always be refered to as the red-head(?) and to be anyone in her "shadow" :). I am posting granny pictures I must get a new camera for christmas!!

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