Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's a dogs day-MONDAY-add a 4 yearold =FUN

We started the day with Kadence staying in bed until almost 9:00 AM BUT when she woke she hit the floor running.The first words we usually here are Lilly come. She always wakes happy,happy she is my grandaughter-a morning person! But, then she is happy allday long and seems to get a new batch of steam in the evening and she really really hates to give the day up and go to bed,she must be BaBas child. Swimming,scooter to the lake and pool,esting well and healthy choices,more scooter, more swimming all intermised with MANY dog walks and dog training sessions (thanks Miss Jeannie). the last swim ended with her own Pinn Island parade as gramdma chris Ann drove through ever street in our subdivision with the sun roof open and a 4 ar old red-head giving every person she saw the "Miss America" wave with a LOAD "HI,Hello there,watcha ya doin,...." She is so precious. I wich I could have this one on one time with each of our 9 grandkids!

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