Monday, December 7, 2009

Edgewater Hotel-OberGatlinburg Ski Resort

We spent an hour enjoying the hotel breakfast bar with the cousins teamed almost as twins. Walked the snowy streets catching the tourest traps and enjoying the reactions of the grand kids. The gondola to the Mt. Ski Resort was beautiful and we can return all day today for the $10 fee. Many went skating and posed for snow pictures by the lifts. The lifts are not open yet but still lots of fun. The lovely restaurant that our kids remember from their youth was just as breathtaking as in the 80's but EMPTY. We had the whole place to ourselves which must have been a gift from God. The food was as always wonderful and all had hour of fun in this huge lodge room. Bryce,Burt and Bear could watch TV football games while we ladies relaxed with plenty to drink,hot and cold,with a huge stone fireplace puring the heat into our giant play area for the 1-14 year olds

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Carol and Dan said...

Looks like you picked a great time of year! .........c.