Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My MOM -way to smart for her gender or the times :)

As I stand in my kitchen makeing dog treats and saving the remaines for my stuffing, on Christmas eve,I once again turn to my memories. My mom had a Tom Sawyer way of convincing people that they were the BEST at doing whatever she did not want to do :). In my earliest years I would sit at the kitcen table (in the dark morning) on turkey day tearing up white Wonder Bread for our stuffing. "Oh yes Chrissyann,that is just the perfect size",or " make them all look like this (sample in the middle of the round oak table) so everyone will know tat YOU made the stuffing :)". It is no wonder our oldest daughter is a world renown child develement specialist! She got it honestly then there is our next daughter, a superior writer,she also aquired the Grandma Shirley genes.  Our oldest son has all the sales pazazz,of both my mom and dad.  We have 4 children and the youngest got the best of Burton and his family genes but he dose posses the" true born gift "of the left barined artist again my mom!It is hard to believe a woman could have so many talents each very different but Shirley Anne Heering Campbell was a woman way before her times and I am thankful that we have passed those genes on to her decendents.


Melissa said...

Mrs. Nelson, you look great! That turkey looks great too!

Sonya and Pete said...

Mom Nelson,
That was just the most beautiful story! I had tears in my eyes reading it!

Carol and Dan said...

"Carol Lynn, you are the best towel folder I've seen! You are soooo good at folding towels!" -- hmmmmmmmm.......I'm starting to wonder if I was actually good at folding towels or if you just really didn't like folding towels!! .............c.
p.s. either way, now I'm really picky about how my towels are folded!

Anonymous said...

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