Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our beautiful Lake full of gators,turtles,and many varieties of fish

Everyone knows that Florida has been declared a disaster from the recent freezing temps. and most of our country will be affected by the farming losses of fruit and vegitables but...  the fish kill is unreal and has zffected all of us that depend on local fish for our meals and sport. Years ago our ":Bass Lake" became a habitat for Tarpon even though it is fresh water/brackish. These beautiful LARGE fish fhave entertained our children and grandchildren for a decade. Yesterday the Mens Club had to put the boat in and fish out the losses as they are rising to the top dead. So sad..


Mike Forrester said...

Kudos to those that did the dirty work of removing all those dead fish.

At least the warm temperatures have returned!

Pretty Peapod said...

That stinks!!!