Saturday, January 16, 2010


We bought our little island home, from my dear cousins (they were all to young to live in this age restricted community), 10 years ago this month. My Uncle Cye Johnson was known all over the area as "the Orchid Man". He had a back orchid room almost as big as our home with a cieling timed watering system and all. Burton and I had both recently cancer surgery and were eager to live out our days in Florida surrounded by fruit,flowers,sunshine, and family. We have enjoyed way many more years then we ever dreamed and what WONDERFUL ones they have been. On Augest 13, 2004 Hurricane Charlie took that gardenroom and our lani and most of our siding away but my brother and bonus sister came from the Keys and our kids came 2 by 2 from St. Pete and put us back together again. Burton and I had moved just months before to a large home on a canal in the same community and planned to keep the garden home as a guest house for family and friends. That year we saw 4 more Hurricanes come through our island, cleaning up any loose ends that Charlie hadn't wiped out. I was able to save a few of my Uncles orchids and move them to our canel home. We still enjoy life and fresh fruit,flowers,friends, and family down here in Sunny Southwest Florida. We have always treated our home as a resting place for all sooooooo...

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