Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mackinaw Island Morning-My last day of work for the season

I boarded the 7:00 AM Ferry in first light to my Island. I had the pleasure of riding with my co-workers and many "regular"Island workers that do this comute everyday. It was a perfect event-breathtaking sunrise just over Round Island Lighthoues,with a smattering of clouds. The deck boards were heavy with frost and very slippery, I could take my time, walk slowly and drink in the Island morning. The dray was waiting to be loaded, a few carriages were lined along main street, all the eateries were abuzz with friendly guests enjoying the fall air and sweet eats.I paused often a took as many pictures as my batteries would allow. Following a cue from my friend Mike F. I went the Marquett park :rout UP,UP,UP the back wood staircase behind Ann's Cottage and found "Anna's path "to the bluff overlooking the north port of the Island. A hugh bald eagle soared over my head to add his blessing to this magical moment,my last day to work at Fort Mackinac for this season. Thank you coworkers,guests and friends for making this the best summer of my life. Friends came to say goodbye, Donna baked me a cherry pie,Kirk and Daniel pampeder me with hot chicken dumpling soup by the fire at the Fort Tea room . Maddie and Bear (dog friends) even came by to see me. I will try to post pictures of this day but I may not have luck. We will mis this magical place but it is in my heart until I return.


Carol and Dan said...

Beatiful pictures! Glad your last day was so georgous!....c.

Mike Forrester said...

Chris Ann,

Can't wait to see you again next year. Loved the pictures and thanks for your hospitality, friendship and good advice this year!

Cassandra said...

Awesome Pictures