Saturday, April 18, 2009


We are back in Michigan earlier then planned.
We will spend Monday with our doctors and The Priest family before returning to our little spot on the map.


The Nelson Family said...

Back to Michigan; specifically, Lake Michigan.

The Nelson Family said...

Welcome home!

kdavid said...

Hi Chriss, This is Kathy David, Welcome back! I just wanted to make sure you knew about this and this is the only way I knew of to contact you. Your old neighbor Kris Price passed away Sunday.
I know you were in Mt. P this week so you probably already saw this.
Stop in and see us!
Kathy and Don

Chris Ann said...

Kathy, Thank you. This is so wierd, we frove past the old place Sunday on our way into Mt. P> and I pulled over and debated going in to talk to them, I decided to catch them next trip and go on to the grandchildren. I just heard from Jan Carroll this AM about Krisses death. I eill go to the obituary and check it out. Come see us sometime. Good luck on Blakes birth today.Our 39 year old MT> P phone number is our cell phone so you can always call 989-772-2377. We just could not give that number up :)