Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trip to Michigan

Burt is ready to sit his summer away ops I mean Spring/summer/fall. Thanks Kevin!

Who is going to come up with our NELSON outfits this year??

We have ALL OF OUR DOCTORS APOINTMENTS MADE AND WE ARE COMING HOME! APRIL 21 WE WILL BE IN LANSING Dr. Messenger AM,April 22&23 We will be in Mt.P. April 22 PM Muskegon,April23 PM MACKINAW CITY!!!!


Chris Ann said...

Don't panic Danielle. We will get a room dor April 20th check out late on the 22. Our apts. with Messenger are at &:15 AM for more surgery on both of us. Hopefully just little stuff. then maybe we can all do lunch or dinner for my birthday somewhere? I am so excited to be 60 this year. Just gets better and better.

Chris Ann said...

All dr. apts. have changed we came home early and will be in Mackinaw on the evening of the 20th